North West Transformation

  • $1 billion, 435 hectare development project
  • Programme management and project management services
  • Contributed to the successful application to shift the Metropolitan Urban Limit
  • Water resource management advisory

Synergine has been engaged since the early 2000’s by multiple clients for this $1 billion, 435 hectare development project, in a number of roles that include the provision of strategy, policy, design and project delivery services. The first stage of the North West Transformation (NWT) project (formerly Northern Strategic Growth Area) includes the development of:

– a new town centre at Westgate – incorporating a town square and new library
– a new village centre and employment park at Hobsonville
– the creation of a community and Marine Industry Precinct at Hobsonville Point.

The transformation will ensure regional economic growth along with social, recreational, environmental and transport benefits. It is planned to yield some 5,500 new residence’s and 20,000 new jobs.  We are continuing to support project leaders in the Auckland Council City Transformation team responsible for the governance and facilitation of the Westgate precinct, providing contract, programme, risk and stakeholder management services.

Our roles have included:

Project Management – Hobsonville Corridor
Our role was to assist Auckland Transport produce accurate stormwater pond and road designs, and assist the Council Parks division to deliver preliminary designs for the parks network for the precinct. In this role we worked collaboratively with a wide group of stakeholders, including developers and Council staff, and was responsible for managing and monitoring project budgets.

Programme Management – NWT
This role was created to facilitate the transition of the NWT programme from its conceptual planning phase to its implementation and development phases. We provided dedicated programme management across the defined projects for the delivery of the Council’s strategic growth objectives.

Advisory Services – NWT Local Water Agenda
Our Technical Services team provided input into this project whose focus was to develop appropriate water cycle management solutions for the area through the integration of land use and infrastructure planning. This took into account economic, social, cultural and environmental issues, thus providing protection of the water resource for future generations.

Advisory Services — Metropolitan Urban Limit (MUL) Change
In the early inception stages of the NWT programme, Synergine assisted the Council (previously Waitakere City) in their application with the then Auckland Regional Council (ARC) for a shift in the MUL. Through our work in drafting the Council’s response to requests for information from the ARC, this application was ultimately successful.  This response required the compilation of a wide range of information, including various reports and studies in relation to Integrated Catchment Management Plans, Wastewater, Transport and Air Quality Management components of the proposed NWT MUL shift.

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