our leadership team.

Our leadership team – made up of strategy, design and management experts — facilitate the delivery of each project up until comprehensive client satisfaction and subsequent completion. It is through this combination of experienced best- practice techniques and innovation that we have continued to consistently deliver world-leading outcomes to a wide range of clients from a variety of nations and backgrounds.


Executive Chairman


Over the past 18 years, Synergine, the company Phil founded, has outworked his passion for human flourishing. The key philosophy present throughout all the projects he has been involved in, has been that successful human development not only occurs through economic growth, but also through the additional prioritisation of the environmental, social, and cultural aspects of society. His particular focus has been the sustainable, resilient and liveable development of cities and urban areas to achieve positive social outcomes, through the holistic consideration of all four of these bottom lines.

Phil’s work with the development of infrastructure and city management has established him as a thought leader in these areas and has provided a basis for international invitations to represent New Zealand in both government-to-government relations and international business collaboration, including requests to speak at United Nations summits and global leadership conferences. His ability to work with both corporate entities and central and local government places him at the forefront of the industry, with the ability to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Co-founder of the Centre for Infrastructure Research at Auckland University, Phil has strong connections with academia internationally which informs his work on multiple levels. He is also well known in the broader community as the former manager of the New Zealand National Football Team, the All Whites, during their 2010 World Cup campaign, in which they were recognised with the highly coveted Supreme Halberg Award, being the only undefeated team in the tournament.


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